Termite Protection

Termite Prevention and Control

Termite damage causes $5 Billion in damages per year. We at BPM offer termite solutions for residential and commercial customers including award winning guarantee packages. We offer resolution services as well as preventative treatments for all wood destroying insects including but not limited to Subterranean and Drywood Termites. Call us now for a free consultation, We Do It Right!!!

Subterranean Termite Protection: BPM will treat the perimeter of the home providing renewable protection for up to ten years. Treatment includes perimeter application, bath trap installation, bath trap treatment, localized treatments to active infestations if needed. BPMs comprehensive termite treatment protocols will protect your home for years to come. Please see contract for full details.

Drywood Termites: BPM offers Drywood termite protection for home or business, whether resolution is needed or ongoing protection. Fumigation is BPMs first recommendation to resolve Drywood termite concerns when fumigation is possible, resolving the concern and killing all hidden termites. BPM specialist will assist in your homes preparation for fumigation from the outside in if fumigation is deemed necessary. Typically home or business owner must be out of the home for three days two nights. Fumigation resolves Drywood termite concerns and places your home or business under a renewable termite warranty. BPM has spot treatment options to resolve active Drywood Termite concerns where fumigation may not be needed or unable to facilitate. Spot treatments are injected into the galleries of active termite colonies to eliminate the Drywood concern. Renewable protection is then offered to resolve future concerns if they arise.